Thursday, 17 February 2011

No Nuke Dump Under Forests at Whinlatter

Published: February 17, 2011 10:34 by marianne

This Saturday from 1-3pm  there is a Rally at Whinlatter to Save the Forest.  It's heartening that celebrities and NGOs have tripped over each other to line up to save the forests from  government sell off.
Hearbreaking that there are no national NGOs and No celebrities lining up to encourage people to save the forests from having a high level nuke dump under them.

Where are Melvyn Bragg, Eric Robson, Chris Bonnington when you need them!!!

The proposed forest sell off is an excellent way for people to quite rightly get all steamed up under a banner that people feel comfortable with, while meanwhile.....

.....Allerdale  Borough Council have "expressed an interest" in a high level waste nuke dump in their area  - this  includes the area of Whinlatter.

Research shows that leaking low level nuclear dumps lead to foliage above the ground transpiring radioactive carbon and tritium.  What is proposed is a high level dump (or two) and the lakes geology is wonderfully

Campaigners working are all local volunteers - worryingly big NGO's have no concerted campaign on this.

We will be at Whinlatter with the NO NUKE DUMP petition - will have a banner and will be painting some red squirrels and have charcoals for people to do their own drawings.

ps:remember the Rusland Beeches campaign 15 years ago? No celebs lined to help - they were interested in helping ...-until being told that the trees were owned by the Lake District National Park with Friends of the Lake District, Cumbria Wildlife Trust and others all supporting the National Park proposal for clearfelling -  ........the trees are still standing!! Links:


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