Sunday, 7 February 2010

Radiation Free Lakeland back jailed activist

Radiation Free Lakeland have sent a message of support to peace activist
Dan Viesnik at Pentonville Prison.

Viesnik has been imprisoned for 14 days for not paying a £500 fine after a
sit-down protest outside Aldermaston nuclear weapons factory.

He took part in the Footprints for Peace vigil at Sellafield in 2007
alongside Radiation Free Lakeland campaigners.

Viesnik had also helped coordinate several anti-nuclear power protests
including those at the Energy Select Committee last Wednesday, Buckingham
Palace in April and Australia House in November.

In his letter to Highbury Corner Magistrates Viesnik said he has decided
to continue his protest against the grotesque distortions of justice
caused by the British Government's commitment to Weapons of Mass

He continued his argument in the statement that he read out to the court
which protested against the resources spent on nukes in a world where
chronic poverty continued.

He ended his statement with a quote from Thoreau affirming that an
individual acting according to his/her own conscience should be a better
guide to conduct than the letter of law.

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