Sunday, 14 February 2010

UK Signs nuclear deal with India

This week the UK signed a civil nuclear deal with India. This breaches the UK's
obligations under the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) not to provide nuclear
technology to non-signatory states. India possesses nuclear weapons but has not
signed the NPT and is not one of the declared Nuclear Weapons States under the
existing Treaty. Only this week, India again test-fired nuclear capable missiles and
is developing long-range nuclear capable missiles. The UK press and NGOs seem to
have maintained a wall of silence on this.

The press release below from the UK Department for Business

From the press release:

"The next steps include:

"- In early March the UK will host a major Nuclear New Build Conference, focusing on
new opportunities in India and the UAE. We have invited senior representatives from
the Nuclear Power Corporation of India Ltd (NPCIL) to set out India's plans for
developing nuclear power projects and technologies in the coming years. This event
will be attended by nuclear leaders from 15 nations and will provide a platform for
British Industry to forge new links and demonstrate their competitive edge.

"- In late March the UK will host a senior academic delegation from India who will
meet with their UK counterparts funded by a million pound grant of the Engineering
and Physical Sciences Research Council to encourage and nurture post doctoral
research in this field. This will be the initial meeting of a two-year project.

"- Many British companies involved in the UK Nuclear Supply Chain will travel as
part of a UKTI-led high level British delegation to India later this year."