Thursday, 20 June 2013

Radioactive Flytippers get off scot free

17 June 2013

On Friday at Carlisle Crown Court Sellafield was fined £700,000 for
dumping several bags of intermediate and low level waste in ordinary
landfill. The bags were plastic and lay broken in the same landfill used
for composting and recycling. The fine is meaningless. The public will be
picking up the tab. The only meaningful fine would be a ban on Sellafield
dumping ANY radioactive waste in ANY landfill. The media and especially
the BBC have consistently played this down and no media commentators have
made the points that
A. the public will be picking up the tab
B. the deregulatory “exempt” law allows radioactive waste into landfill in
the first place
C. there is no guarantee that this was an isolated incident.