Tuesday, 30 March 2010

New nuclear power station on Anglesey

Britain's next nuclear power station will be built on Anglesey,North Wales, under a £7.5 billion plan being drawn up by two of biggest energy providers in the UK. Horizon Nuclear Power, a joint venture owned by E.ON and RWE, is expected to make a formal announcement today on the lead site for its first new UK nuclear power station. A 232-hectare plot at Wylfa on the north coast of Anglesey has been chosen as the front-runner for the plant, due to enter service in 2020. Wylfa was selected over another, smaller site owned by the joint venture at Oldbury-on-Severn, South Gloucestershire, which Horizon hopes to develop later.

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Chernobyl Day Remembered .....

To commemorate Chernobyl Day on April 26th Radiation Free Lakeland are asking children and adults to send in their drawings of other creatures such as Brown Bear, Grey Owl, Reindeer, Wolf and Lynx found in Finnish Lapland. Finnish Lapland is often described as one of Europe's last true wilderness areas - with a rich diversity of wildlife and land based culture of the indigenous Sami people.

The drawings will then be sent to world leaders who are promoting new nuclear build, with a letter asking that uranium mining should not be allowed in the wilderness areas of Finnish Lapland - just one of the areas worldwide now threatened as a direct result of the pronuclear lobbying of MPs such as Jamie Reed, government departments such as the Department of Energy and Climate Change and the industry.

There are many new applications for vast uranium mines in Finnish Lapland
which would destroy the taiga and the tundra - this destruction would release tens of millions of tonnes of CO2. Lapland is an important migratory and breeding ground for many of the waterfowl and waders that
overwinter here such as the Bewick's Swan.

Radiation Free Lakeland are opposing new nuclear developments to protect
our climate, our wildlife and our own DNA.

Of special interest to schools :
Offer by award winning wildlife artist Marianne Birkby to come along and work with students on drawing Finnish Lapland's threatened wildlife in charcoal.

Please tel: 015395 63671 for more details or email drawings (with name and age) to : rafl@mariannebirkby.plus.com