Monday, 19 April 2010

Fasting-and-Action, Paris, April 26 to May 7, 2010 for the abolition of nuclear weapons

We need you ! We need your support, and more : for you to come to our Fasting-and-Action in Paris !

From all over the world, activists will travel to New York for the Review Conference of the Non Proliferation Treaty ! Some will come to Paris. Because France opposes nuclear disarmament !

A Convention for Elimination of Nuclear Weapons has to be agreed. We want France to support it.


This action is planned to be in Paris on the initiative of the Maison de Vigilance Taverny and in partnership with Réseau Sortir du Nucléaire, the collective Armes Nucleaires STOP, and the 2nd City district of Paris. It involves a number of anti-nuclear organizations including ICAN-France and linked Nuclear Disarmament campaigns.


The Review Conference of the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) will take place in New York in May 2010. The international community has expressed its readiness to engage in a nuclear disarmament process following the policy statements of Barack Obama. Only France has expressed opposition to its participation in this process. Moreover, the General Assembly of the United Nations in 2007 supported the principle of a Convention to eliminate nuclear weapons, the Parliament of the European Union made a similar recommendation in April 2009, and many groups and public figures have underlined its urgency, but countries with nuclear weapons are all reluctant to consider it ... except for China. The possibility of nuclear disarmament is good news but, paradoxically, decisions that might lead to its implementation are far from being taken.

250 French citizens will be present at the UN in New York during the opening of the NPT Conference, May 3, 2010.


This "Fasting-and-Action" aims to put pressure on politicians by French media and public opinion so that France is persuaded to announce its decision to accept the idea of a nuclear weapons convention during the NPT Review Conference.

Housing : Mongolian yurts, the town hall courtyard of the 2nd arrondissement of Paris, 24 rue de la Banque

Program (in progress)

Monday, April 26, 19:30: Town Hall 2nd, roundtable "Nuclear disarmament and France" with Christiane Taubira (tbc), Dominique Lalanne, General Bernard Norlain, member of Global Zero, a signatory of the Nuclear disarmament appeal with Michel Rocard, Alain Juppé and Alain Richard

Tuesday, April 27: Beginning of the Fasting in Mongolian yurts in the courtyard of City Hall. Personalities are expected (tbc): José Bové, MEP, Yves Cochet, MP, Michele Demessine, Senator Hélène Luc, Honorary Senator, Jacques Muller, Senator Marc Stenger, Bishop of Troyes, Christiane Taubira, MP.

Thursday, April 29: interview request to the Town of Paris for the fasters and their supporters

Friday, April 30: presence at the nuclear Air force Base of Taverny

Saturday 1st May: Participation in the demonstration on May 1st with entertainment giant puppet

Sunday, May 2: Roundtable : public hall of the 2nd district, 18:30-21:30: "The great religions and nuclear disarmament". With (tbc) Bishop Marc Stenger, president of Pax Christi France, the rector of the Paris Mosque, the Grand Rabbi of France, a representative of the Buddhist Union of France.

Monday, May 3: Fontaine Saint Michel ceremony of the Flame of the abolition of nuclear weapons for the opening of the Review Conference of NPT

Tuesday, May 4: duplex with New York events at the beginning of the NPT Conference

Wednesday, May 5: Screening of "The Bomb": 19:00, in a Mongolian yurt, City Hall of the 2nd

Friday, May 7: interview request to the Ministry of Defense and the presence before the Department of Defense as does Maison de Vigilance once per month for demanding the abolition of nuclear weapons. Meal breaking the Fasting at 14:00 offered by Mayor of the 2nd.

Daily: presence in front of the Fountain Saint Michel for the abolition of nuclear weapons, from 14:00 to 18:00

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