Monday, 13 December 2010

Don’t nuke our climate!

Second week of the Climate Justice Convergence has started with the “False Solutions talks”, looking at some of the so called ‘solutions’ being talked about in Cancun. Here in Brussels, activists from Young Friends of the Earth and Federation of Young European Greens discussed about false solutions for climate crisis such as biofuels, CCS (carbon capture and storage) and nuclear power. Altogether we decided to act, to express our concerns and to remind people about the consequences of decisions taken today  on present and future generations.

As part of an international day of action THOUSAND OF CANCUNS FOR CLIMATE JUSTICE, called by the International peasant farmers network La Via Campesina, we targeted European institutions and corporations which support, fund and push the idea of nuclear energy as clean, renewable and possible solution for climate crisis.

Our message is simple: nuclear power is unsustainable and unacceptably dangerous.

Watch the action movie now on youtube.

Why nuclear?

Nuclear energy is promoted as a clean technology but the mining of uranium has massive social and environmental impacts and the problem of safe nuclear waste disposal is yet to be solved. We are being locked into an uncertain future where they will have to shoulder the burden of this false solution. Besides that, we are leaving an extremely toxic and unsafe waste heritage to future generations (40000 generations!!!) and in the same time we have been ignoring the real solutions that will assure safe and sustainable future.

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