Tuesday, 1 June 2010

The waste 'repository' at Drigg is almost full - radioactive waste is now being refused entry

Radioactive waste is now being refused entry from, for example, Chapel Cross, who want to dump the decommissioned magnox plant - contaminated soil and rubble into Cumbria.

Even the pro nuke MP Jamie Reed is opposed to nuke dump sites away from the Sellafield site in other parts of Cumbria.
The nuclear industry wants to dispose of 12 lorries a day of radioactive wastes in the former open cast coal mine of Keekle Head - near to the source of the river Keekle (recently featured on BBC Countryfile as an
important salmon river worth millions to the Cumbrian economy).

The radioactive wastes would leach into the land and there would be adverse impact on the environment and health of residents - cynically called "receptors" by the industry.

The planning meeting for radioactive waste in landfill will be heard on 22nd June at Kendal County Offices 11am.

The application is to put radioactive waste into Keekle Head - former open cast coal mine and near to the source of the River Keekle.

The planning application number is : 4/10/9001 Keekle Head

send a emails to: developmentcontrol@cumbriacc.gov.uk in opposition to this proposal.

or send letters to Development Control Team Cumbria County Council County Offices Kendal LA9 4RQ

Or Phone :01539 713066


useful bullet points here:

Keekle Head
'Endecom UK Ltd' are proposing to put forward a Planning Application for a Radioactive Waste dump at Keekle Head in West Cumbria (5 miles inland from Whitehaven).

One Million Cubic Metres of Waste
Endecom plan to send 12 lorry loads of radioactive waste a day to the site - in total one million cubic metres will travel through Cumbria's roads.

Endecom Describe Local People as "Receptors"
The Company accept that if their planned dump goes ahead there will be risks to local people, as radioactivity will dissolve, get into the water supply - and reach the local population.

Endecom refer to the people who would become contaminated as 'receptors' .
Endecom have no idea of likely Risk

The risk assessment for the proposal has not yet been carried out.
Thirty five radionuclides have been listed as likely to be present - but these have not been assessed.

Planning System + Fast-Tracking of Projects
Recent changes to the planning regime - brought in to speed up project development will drastically limit the opportunity for local people and councils to scrutinise proposals. Therefore - given that the risks of this project are unknown, this is just the wrong time for the project to be put forward.

Minimal Jobs
Although the project would employ 50 people during construction, after this, during operation, the project would only provide 15 jobs.

Threat to Fish
Cumbria's rivers bring in a revenue of £60M from fish stocks -the River Keekle is an important salmon migratory route.


Endecom - 'Proposed Keekle Head Waste Management Centre' - Six Page Brochure., Summer 2009
Note received from Doug Allan for Endecom - setting out answers received from Rob Scott of Nuvia (to questions sent from Dr Rachel Western - Nuclear Researcher for Friends of the Earth [Cumbria groups] ) 7th September 2009

Endecom Note - 7th Sept 2009 (See above)

NDA / DEFRA Radioactive Waste Inventory (2007) - See 'Detailed Data on Sellafield - Waste Stream 2D148 High Volume Very Low Level Waste from Final Decommissioning (HVVLLW) pp413 418 [NB - to locate this page from the 2007 Inventory CD, click 'Detailed Data' Box, then 'Waste Stream Data Sheets', then 'Nuclear Decommissioning Authority', then 'Sellafield', finally search for 2D148 - by typing this into the 'find' box in the top left hand side of the screen.

Edecom refer to the 2D148 waste stream [High Volume Very Low Level Waste from Final Decommissioning (HVVLLW) ] in their 7th Sept 2009 note Robin Pagnamenta, Energy Editor - The Times - "Infrastructure change 'will fast-track planning'" - 1st October 2009


£60M Cumbrian Rivers - BBC Countryfile April

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