Sunday, 20 June 2010

Aussia Trade Unions ban members from working in nuclear industry

The prospect of nuclear accident, incident or even "routine" emissions is an unreasonable trade off for being able to boil a kettle. It's true that there is plenty of uranium left in Australia. Problem is, the Australians see it as the "new asbestos." So much so that Aussie Unions have banned their members on ethical and safety grounds from working in all aspects of the nuclear industry, from mining to power plants. The Electrical Trade Union is equivalent to our Unite (representing members in the electrical, communications, power,
manufacturing, education, hospitality, aerospace and food industries).

The unprecedented stand taken this summer by the ETU has been shied away from by the British press despite the ethical and practical implications for the future of the nuclear industry. The press has been complicit however, with nuclear apologists, in reporting on climate change as a moral crow bar to try to force new build. As with all good crimes there is a big fat cover up- nuclear power has the unrivalled ability to trash
not only the climate but also our ability to sustain life on earth. Peter Simpson ETU secretary has said: "We're sick of hearing about nuclear power as the panacea of global warming, we're sick of people sweeping safety
issues under the carpet." There are plenty of ways to produce sustainable electricity and energy efficiency while leaving uranium safely in the ground. The principled line drawn in the sand by the ETU is of great significance to all our futures and it cannot be ignored
yours sincerely,
Marianne Birkby Radiation Free Lakeland 8 Chelsea Court Milnthorpe Cumbria LA7 7DJ

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