Monday, 17 May 2010

World Wide Nuclear Energy Revival

On May 17th, 2010 the World Nuclear Association projected an 838% resurgence in the nuclear industry over the next few decades.

China, the United Arab Emirates, and the UK have already announced ambitious nuclear plans.
And the U.S. just authorized $54 billion in loan guarantees to help build a new generation of nuclear reactors.

Nuclear energy is gaining support on both sides of the political spectrum. And communities are more supportive of it thanks to a massive pro-nuclear campaign on the part of the governments involved in its promotion.

As the world embarks on a nuclear revival... a few companies (and their investors) stand to make a killing.

The report by Brian Hicks and Keith Kohl discusses how this revival is going to happen. It explains the politics behind the nuclear industry, who's planning on building new plants, where the fuel will come from, and how the waste issues will be dealt with.

- Brian Hicks and Keith Kohl, Founders & Managing Editors, Energy and Capital

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