Sunday, 2 May 2010

Stop the Nuclear Trains

On July 10th 2010, the Nuclear Train Action Group is organising a major rally and march to demand this danger is ended by the trains being stopped or re-routed away from the Olympic site.
Trains carrying highly-radioactive nuclear fuel rods pass though the Olympic site weekly between Stratford and Hackney Wick Stations* 
A terrorist attack on these trains in the vicinity of the Olympic site which succeeded in breaking open the rods’ container would cause a terrorist spectacular, as it would result in the release of high-level radiation which would kill thousands of people down-wind at the site and in the surrounding area and require immediate mass evacuation of these areas.

DETAILS: Meet 2pm, In Victoria Park, by Cadogan Gate Entrance, Cadogan Terrace E9 (near Hackney Wick station) for rally with eminent speakers.2.45pm. March starts from Victoria Park, passing Hackney Wick station and then skirting the southern boundary of the Olympic site along a canal towpath and the Green way to Stratford station.3pm: Symbolic die-in outside Stratford Station to represent the consequences of a terrorist attack on a nuclear trains, followed by leafletting in Stratford Market and Shopping Centre to alert the public to this danger.
This demonstration is supported by the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND) and London Region CND.

(*Currently, while the North London Line is closed for up-grading, nuclear trains are being diverted from Stratford up through South Tottenham.  However they are still passing alongside the Olympic site, so the terrorist danger remains.)
Nuclear Trains Action Group, Mordechai Vanunu House, 162 Holloway Road, London N7 8DQ; tel 020-7607 2302; fax c/o 020-7700 2357

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