Friday, 7 May 2010

Opposition to nuclear waste at Keekle, Lake District

Reduce, Reuse , Recycle - Make Room for Radioactive Waste?
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The Nuclear Industry is desperate to get rid of millions of tons of radioactive waste into landfill.  The Law has been changed to allow this to happen - what's needed is for this poxy law dreamt up  by the industry
and pronuke government departments to be changed.  The Environmental Law Foundation is assisting in this.  Until then it is a matter of firefighting each application.

Keekle Head in Cumbria is the latest - following a successful campaign to refuse  radioactive wastes in landfill at Kings Cliffe in Northamptonshire - we can be successful here in Cumbria.

 There is a political consensus opposing the Keekle Head proposal with even the pro nuclear MP Jamie Reed opposing - but we need to show strong opposition - this is the thin end of a very nasty nuclear wedge - the
nuclear industry's ambitions rely on "getting rid" of wastes

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