Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Prof Tom Burke on BBC Somerset

Former Ministerial Advisor and FoE Director, Professor Tom Burke CBE spoke live on BBC Radio Somerset in advance of the public meeting on Wednesday at Bridgwater Town Hall.

The interview can also be heard on i-player for a week:

Tom gave a precis of his talk:

"New nuclear build in Britain makes no useful contribution to either energy or climate security for Britons, the nuclear industry will let us down again as it did before by failing to deliver and in any case will require massive subsidies that are unlikely to be available, the government has been gulled into buying into an energy strategy that will benefit a French nationalised industry and deliver less British jobs than a strategy based on improving energy efficiency and the renewables. I also deal with the intermittency issue for renewables and will argue that we are getting left behind in the transition to a low carbon economy because this government, like others before it, is in hock to the big energy utilities and their City hangers on."

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