Monday, 21 December 2009


Should we be debating whether to build new nuclear power stations or not?

The British Government, who want to push through nuclear new build as fast as possible, introduced something they called the “Justification Process” as part of the “Consultation Process.” What this means is that government advisors are debating the pros and cons of building new nuclear power stations i.e.: whether nuclear generation of electricity can be justified against any possible harm to the health of society.

Ever since the KiKK study produced incontrovertible evidence that childhood leukaemia has increased within a five kilometre radius of ALL German nuclear power stations, there can be no doubt that nuclear power is bad for human health.

How can our government propose that the sacrifice of a few babies and children is “justified” since we will produce so much electricity with nuclear power?

There are some things which are beyond debate. Some points of view that are beneath civilized society.

Of course our British government argues that although there is an increase in childhood leukaemia near to all German nuclear power stations, this just might be a coincidence, or it might be caused by “population mixing” i.e. by workers coming into these areas bringing viruses that cause cancer. No such viruses have ever been found and the German scientists who produced the KiKK study did not even consider the population mixing theory. Frankly they thought it was laughable.

Should we, the general public, even be entering into the consultation process, that is if we are aware that such a process is happening? Or should we be protesting as loudly as we can against this demon technology, that is harmful to human health, produces radioactive waste that will remain radioactive for thousands of years and that we do not know what to do with, that poses a terrorist threat, that is hugely expensive to build and relies on a fuel that will be exhausted within our lifetimes?

No, I say. No debate. Protest and Survive.

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